Naša globalna kuća Peterson&Control Union odlikovan je danas posebnom Kraljevskom oznakom od strane kralja Vilem-Aleksander Nizozemskog, a u čast proslave 100 godina poslovanja kompanije.

Royal Designation is a distinction that can be granted to companies to symbolise the respect, appreciation and trust towards the recipient. Not every company comes into consideration for Royal Designation and it is not an award that is automatically given to companies who reach 100 years of business.

The history and current activities of Peterson and Control Union, specifically in relation to social, financial, fiscal, managerial and ethical behaviours, were verified as part of the process of awarding Royal Designation.
Commenting on the award, René van Rijst, CEO of Peterson and Control Union said:“We are honoured and privileged to be recognised in this way. 2020 is the year we celebrated Peterson Control Union completing 100 years of business and making a difference in the world.

“We have remained a family owned business throughout and strong family orientated values of honesty, integrity and respect for people, society and our environment have helped us achieve this centennial milestone. We look forward to an even brighter future built on these foundations.

“Thank you to King Willem-Alexander for bestowing this award and to all of our current and former colleagues for enabling us to achieve this. We also want to sincerely thank our clients for their continued support.“
Royal Designation will officially be confirmed with the awarding of the charter to Peterson and Control Union at a ceremony in Rotterdam later in 2020.